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Switching to
digital invoicing

Request digital invoices and do not waste paper!

Less paper = a better planet!

Many of us nowdays use computers, tablets or smartphones in both our private and business lives. We would therefore like to use the possibilities offered by digital tools to send you our invoices and payment slips with QR code via e-mail and no longer via post or inside packages. We would be pleased if you would accompany us on this ecological and sustainable transition.

The transition? It's easy!

If you agree with this change all you have to do is fill in and send us the "Declaration of Consent" form that you find here below by clicking on the blue button "Send Data".

ATTENTION: make sure you write your e-mail address correctly because we will use it to send you the digital invoice.

Please note that you can also pay your digital invoice directly with PayPal, TWINT or credit card (VISA, MC).

If in the future you would like to receive again invoices in paper format just let us know by email at:

Where is my invoice? Look also into the spam folder!

The first times we will send you an e-mail with the invoice, it might be delivered in the Spam folder or in a different folder from the main one. So every time one of our orders will be delivered to you, please check if our e-mail has been correctly delivered to you by eventually looking at your Spam folder. If you don't find the invoice within two days from the delivery of the order please contact us at the e-mail address and we will send it again.

We thank you for your collaboration in eliminate the waste of paper. 

Best Regards.

Alema Professional GmbH


Declaration of consent

Your information has been sent. Upcoming invoices will only be sent to you digitally at the email address you provided. Thank you for helping us limit our use of paper!
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