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Coola's founder, Chris Birchby, decided to create this line of sunscreen products after his father was diagnosed with melanoma, caused by years of exposure to too much sun with too little sunscreen. COOLA's research is committed to create the purest, most eco-conscious products possible to protect the skin from the sun rays.

Today COOLA continues to be an important innovator in the sunscreen industry. And because it produces minimal batches in California, it is able to take advantage of innovations that occur in the field of sunscreen component research and often rework its products.


COOLA is continuously striving to satisfy every customer and offers high-performance, delicate, luxurious, high-performance sunscreen products that complement even the most sophisticated daily skincare treatment.

COOLA helps you to stay in the sunlight but with safety.




COOLA's mission is to protect your skin with pure and eco-conscious products. Sometimes we are obsessed with what we eat but often we do not consider carefully what we put on our skin. Instead COOLA has thought about it for a long time. It has consciously chosen to develop a line of suncare products using organic, sustainable and sourced ingredients, just like the food we like to eat.

Each COOLA product is natural but luxurious and able to protect and nourish the skin thanks to vitamins, natural phyto-protectors and antioxidants. Obviously it does not contain harmful imgredients such as PABA, Parabens, Petrolatums and Phthalates. Why, let's face it, does anyone really want these eingredients inside or even close to their body?


COOLA offers effective sun protection for all skin types and lifestyles; the products have unique formulations developed for different parts of the body - lips and face find in the LIPLUX and FACE range an ideal solution, while for the body there are the versatile BODY products and the SPORT line dedicated to the most demanding athletes. Against pre and post sun redness, the ER+ line offers a valid choice.

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Imagine you arrive at your next vacation and you've already gotten a sunless tan. Our self-tanning formulas are organic and use natural, skin-friendly ingredients to give you a completely natural golden colour. Choose the tone of your sunless tan.

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