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Anthony and Roberta Cuccio, husband and wife, founded the Cuccio Naturalé line in 1999, the first natural product line for the hand and foot nail care. With the Cuccio Naturalé products you can transform the traditional manicure and pedicure treatments offered in your salon into something unique and turn it into a small SPA. A place of fragrances and multi-sensory emotions for a real wellness experience far from the ordinary. Professional and home products with unique fragrances and attractive packaging. All Cuccio Naturalé products are not tested on animals and do not contain parabens.


Cuccio Naturalé is the most complete line of products to transform your manicure and pedicure services into extraordinary wellness experiences with the best value for money. Work protocols, resale products, specific training that will allow you to build customer loyalty, increase the quality of your services and allow you to stand out in this sector for years to come.

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