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Eco by Sonya is the first and so far the only tanning manufacturer to be certified organic by the Organic Food Chain under the Australian government. The natural tanning products are developed without harmful ingredients, free of hormones and synthetic pesticides, a risk-free alternative to sunbathing for a beautiful tanned skin. Various body care products and sun creams complete the Bio range.

Sonya Driver was personally concerned to develop her range as healthy, animal and environmentally friendly as possible, as her sister suffered from melanoma and the importance of healthy skin became even more apparent. For this reason, organic certification is particularly important to the brand. All self-tanning and body care products are also vegan and all products are free from animal testing.


Eco by Sonya is dedicated to creating products which are good for you and the Earth.  Their products are biodegradable and reef friendly. They have no micro beads or toxic chemicals flooding into the water.

Their packaging is 100% recyclable and even using glass where necessary or biomaterials composed of sugar cane pulp.

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The product range SKIN COMPOST™ is harnessing the phenomenal powers of vegetable, super fruit and seed formulations to help revolutionise your skin.

A range of completely natural and organic products that can be used daily by everyone without any problem thanks to the light and unisex fragrances and the complete absence of chemical ingredients.

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